• Congratulations to Adam Goudjil

     Congratulations! Your student, Adam Goudjil has been selected as a winner for the outstanding poetry entry submitted to the New York City Department of Environmental Protection’s 31st annual Water Resources Art and Poetry Contest. The entry was beautifully executed and shows genuine understanding of – and appreciation for – New York’s water resources. More than 1,700 watershed and New York City students participated in the contest this year.

    All participating students are invited, with up to two guests, to attend the May 16th celebration. Those students with winning poetry and art, called Water Champions, will be invited on stage to receive their certificates. We hope that your Water Champion, Adam, and your other Art and Poetry participants (called Water Ambassadors), will also be able to attend.

    HS47 (31R047) CSI High School for International Studies
  • CSIHS Students see Kinky Boots Broadway Show

    HS47 (31R047) CSI High School for International Studies

What can students expect?

  •  Participate in a rigorous, highly engaging learning experience.
  •  Fulfill the requirements for a Regents and Advanced Regents diploma.
  •  Investigate world cultures,  geography, languages and international issues.
  •  Develop literacy skills to succeed in every class.
  •  To become proficient users of technology.
  •  Participate in community service activities.
  •  Internship requirement.
  •  Communicate with students in other countries.

What's different?

  • Staff who know every student
  • Small-Group advisories.
  •  Interactive electronic grading records for each student so parents can follow their students progress (Engrade).
  •  Close partnerships with the community.
  •  A challenging curriculum that prepares students to succeed in college.
  •  Community service and Internship Requirements. 
  •  Classes that are up to 55 minutes long so greater depth in learning can be achieved.
  •  Four-year world language requirement.
  •  Opportunity to study Mandarin, Japanese, or Spanish.
  •  Study abroad opportunities: such as China,  Ecuador, Costa Rica, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Japan, as well as foreign exchange opportunities. 
  •  College Now and chances  to take college courses at the College of Staten  Island.
  •  Comprehensive summer portfolio projects that extend learning over the summer break. 

Click here and here to download our school fliers.

Things that make CSI High School for International Studies Unique

    • Numerous programs in collaboration with the College of Staten Island, including  College tutors and  students in classes and study halls, high school students taking college-level courses to earn credits, including tuition waivers and College Now, and workshops for parents as well as students. 
    • Courses such as Forensic Science, Creative Writing Through the Arts, Statistics, Global Finance, Guitar Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, International Journalism, Comparative Government Through Film, College Research Class and many more. 
    • Brand new, state of the art facilities including a full gymnasium, auditorium, athletic fields, and a host of classrooms including a science labs with individual work stations.
    • Wireless Computer Labs with internet access throughout the school.
    • Sister schools and on-line communication and collaboration with students around the world, including Africa, Switzerland, France, China, Japan and more.
    • Advanced Placement courses and preparation for AP exams, such as AP English Literature, AP English  Composition, AP Calculus, AP US History, AP Comparative Government, AP Studio Art, AP Biology and use of  college laboratory for AP Biology.
    • SAT prep courses, including tutoring, at a reduced rate from Kaplan for CSIHSIS students only, held here at school as well as free SAT Verbal and Math Tutoring Prep offered by our licensed teachers. 
    • Annual Senior Capstone Learning Expose.
    • Annual student talent showcase.
    • Fully staffed college office with a college pathways online program called Naviance.
    • An advisory program that is strongly embedded into the school culture and curriculum, which approaches global competency through a thematic lens.  Students will be supported in developing healthy decision making skills, service learning opportunities, team building opportunities and portfolio/capstone projects.  The focus of this program is to develop student voice; academic and personal community as well as  mandatory summer project for all grade levels that are multi disciplinary and rigorous summer projects, which are developed to forge critical thinking and college readiness throughout summer months.
    • Extra-curricular opportunities — Clubs:  Journalism, International Club,  UNICEF, Cheerleading, Senior  Instructional Leadership Core (SILC), Key Club, Senior Council, Dragon Dance Team, Art Club, Literary Magazine, Yearbook, National Honor Society, Freshmen Summer Academy, It Gets Better Club/LGBT and more. 
    • All freshmen and sophomores take World Art as a means of integrating the arts throughout the    curriculum.
    • All freshman students attend a ropes course trip to build community and camaraderie and learn collaboration/team bulilding skills.
    • Engrade—an online grading system that allows parent and student to see all upcoming homework, assignment scores, class grades, and class attendance.
    • All students are required to complete four years of a foreign language to be better prepared for college and  future careers.  Language options are Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.
    • All students will complete as least 120 hours of community service and 120 hours of internship hours, both as part of school projects and on their own, as part of our graduation requirements.
    • PSAL Sports teams as of 2012-13: Varsity Track Team, Varsity Boys and Girls Soccer,  Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball, Boys Junior Varsity Basketball, Girls Varsity Softball, Girls Flag Football, Varsity Wrestling, and Boy’s Baseball Club Teams, Golf and Fencing.
    • Peer mediation Program to help students develop conflict resolution skills.
    • International Foreign Exchange, Study Abroad and travel opportunities in Switzerland ,Japan, Germany, France, Ecuador, Bahrain, China, Spain, England, Antarctica, Greece, Turkey, Peru and Italy.
    • Partnership with the College of Staten Island, ASIA Society, PENCIL. HOBY, UN4U, Impact Broadway,  Palazzo Strozzi Foundation, and Warner Music.
    • Full career day immersion for juniors and seniors composed of over 30 professionals, industries and trades.
    • The opportunity for student collaboration to participate with Warner Music on Grammy Career Day. 
    • First rate faculty with the highest credentials in their field.
    • Robust after school tutoring for academic at risk students.