The mission of The College of Staten Island (CSI) High School for International Studies is to prepare students for college and, ultimately, success in an interconnected world. All students will study world history, languages and affairs; all classes focus on developing student literacy and critical thinking skills. When students graduate from this innovative, small school, they will have the necessary knowledge and skills to build a strong foundation for a career in an internationally oriented profession and to participate responsibly and ethically as a global citizen.

Small schools mean rigor, relevance and relationships 

A dedicated expert faculty provides rigorous, inquiry-based instruction and lead small advisory groups, which gives focused guidance to every student throughout the high school years. Currently, the high school has 485 students.

What are international studies? 

International studies means learning about the geography, history, culture and languages of other world regions. All courses will examine themes of international inter-dependency.

Why does it matter? 

Currently, one in six U.S. jobs is tied to international trade. Careers in the arts, science, academia, healthcare and many other sectors also depend on international exchange. This will only increase in the coming decades. The world of tomorrow is being shaped in CSI High School’s classrooms today.

Community partners 

The CSI High School for International Studies is located in the Jerome Parker Campus, but is a New York City Department of Education Region 7 public high school. It is made possible through a partnership with The College of Staten Island and Asia Society and generously supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation