College of Staten Island High School for International Studies (CSIHS) will create a nurturing, rigorous, and inclusive educational environment where both emotional intelligence and academic excellence are prioritized. CSIHS is not just a school, it is also a welcoming family that affirms and values all students, families, staff, and community partners.

In our school, teaching and learning are fostered with attention to the whole child. Students are immersed in diverse instruction, 21st century technology practice, social emotional skill building, and rich and culturally responsive academic content. Through this approach all students will be actively engaged in developing strong literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking skills to succeed in post-secondary education, advanced courses of study, and have the foundation to transition to careers and trades. At CSIHS students, staff, and families collaborate to create a shared and vibrant learning community. This vibrant community is characterized by a focus on student engagement, a culture of teamwork, partnership, and ownership, a strong sense across the school of community, empathy, and pluralism, robust school wide systems that promote all students growing intellectually and achieving at high levels, and a commitment to excellence and equity.

CSIHS students will participate in rigorous inquiry-based instruction and learning that integrates real world issues, languages and cultures. The integration of a thorough course of study with internationally-themed and inclusive content coupled with community connections and opportunities to collaborate with peers, will provide students with the skills and experiences to be culturally responsible, globally competent, and ethical contributors to the greater global society.

Community Partners

The CSI High School for International Studies is located in the Jerome Parker Campus, but is a New York City Department of Education Region 7 public high school. It is made possible through a partnership with The College of Staten Island and Asia Society and generously supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.