• CSIHS Students see Kinky Boots Broadway Show

    HS47 (31R047) CSI High School for International Studies

Why CSI High School for International Studies?

CSI High School is open to all current eighth-graders in Region 7 wishing to attend a small school. Students, if you want to:

  • Gain a sound understanding of world history, affairs and languages
  • Work hard to succeed
  • Read with enthusiasm
  • Study at least one other language
  • Work together in groups to learn and to help the community
  • Respectfully discuss and debate issues
  • Participate actively in class experiments, presentations and discussions
  • Engage in extracurricular activities
  • Learn with students from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Attend college courses as early as your junior and senior years
  • Opportunities to travel globally


Please see home page for dates and times of our open houses.

E-mail alentini@schools.nyc.gov or call 718-370-6900 if you have questions.